Amazon Echo: Your Smart Speaker

You do not only have smartphones, but also smart speakers! Amazon is known to be one of the best websites where we can purchase different things that we need from personal to social. Now, because Amazon wants to be on top together with the advancements in technology, they will never be left behind as they developed the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is a hands-free smart speaker that looks like a tall cylinder. This device is 925 inches tall and is built up with the seven-piece microphone array. The amazing part? It is a speaker that we control the use of our voice that is why it is called a hands-free smart speaker. Really smart, right? The voice service is called “Alexa” that echo connects with, so, I can ask whatever I like ranging from current events, news, sports, weather from different weather stations, and of course, music from the streaming music services of Pandora and Spotify and other services! All I have to do is ask and all the information that I need will be given to me.

The speaker can provide a 360 degree immersive sound. Whenever I feel like using the echo, all I need to do is to say the wake word “Alexa” and it will respond right away in no time With this speaker, I know that the “Alexa” word will be abused.

Now, for all music lovers out there just like me, this Amazon Echo will be great for us. Let Alexa do the thing, just ask. It is amazing, I can ask for a song or the artist, sometimes I request for a song with the type of genre, I can search for music by the album, the lyrics and I can even let Alexa pick a song for me and most of the time, Alexa chooses the best song for my mood. Just amazing.

Amazon Echo is not limited to the things I have mentioned; I can also use Alexa to other applications like Tuneln, and iHeartRadio. Aside from that, is also packed with Bluetooth so you can connect with other devices. At first, Alexa was not that obedient maybe because of my speech and accent, but as I use it often, it is slowly adapting the way I talk and responds immediately to my requests. With Alexa, you can have your request done, order a pizza, switch off the lights, and open the garage and much more, Another amazing part is that updates are made automatically. Sometimes, I am surprised that there will be add-ons automatically like applications, capabilities, and skills in Alexa. The device is just listening to the speech and will suddenly come to life when the wake call “Alexa” is spoken. Of course, never forget that echo requires an Internet connection for it to work.

An amazing smart device that you will truly love and I know you would love to have I find Amazon Echo as a smart, innovative and amazing device. But, I suggest that you do not abuse it because you also have to move around and not depend on the device. I say you use it in times only when it is really hard for you to do it yourself. Do not depend on Alexa. This device is amazing but does not depend on it, set some limitations and then you will live a happy life with your Amazon Echo.

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